Server Guidelines
- The server rules below are to be enforced at all times by all individuals, clan members as well as the general public. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions as listed below.
1. Do not cheat or abuse "bugs" in the game.
2. Do not chat kill or attack while saber is down.
3. Do not attack while your opponent is bowing. Bowing is not required but if the other player bows, wait till he's done before starting to play.
4. Do not curse at other players or call them names. Cursing is permitted to a certain extend, which means that you can say "shit" or "wtf" but not call somebody a "motherfuc*er" etc.
5. Do not use other player's names or clan tags, such behavior will result in immediate kick and permanent ban, all depending on the admin's opinion and decision.
6. Do not spam the chat line with binds or unnecessary conversations.
7. There are no in-depth restrictions as to overusing "Standard" moves as long as they're not a bug in the game. But be courteous enough NOT to over spam one move over and over. You can be disciplined by an Admin if such behavior is happening.
All of the above will be enforced based on the admin's individual judgment. In other words, the admin will take the best action that they see fit for any particular issue in the following ways:
- Verbal warning
- Snipe to the end of the game que.
- Kick off the server.
- Temporary server ban
- Permanent server ban.
- or whatever else might be the best fit for the particular issue.
Any abuse by any players or Admins should be reorted to our forum.
In addition to the stuff listed above, please read the BWN Stats policies, and the BWN League rules.