- Once a member each individual will be given a secure spot in our community. You will take part in our decision making and help expand [LJC] in the future; this is your right not a privilege. You will be entitled to a email address which can be used in any way you want. You will also have a choice to make use of our dedicated web-space at our domain. [LJC] currently offers 4 dedicated servers, three open to the public and one locked for members only. You will be able to make use of all of them, either for your personal use or to play other individuals of your choice. As a member you represent [LJC] every time you play, therefore you will be able to promote the clan to your friends, playing mates, or other individuals and then recruit them in to the clan. Bear in mind that we recruit people on a case-to-case basis, not mass recruiting. You will take part in our clan activities (it is mandatory) this includes clan vs. clan fights, scheduled duel matches, or clan training to name a few. You will also have the right to request a training session at any time you feel you need one. Remember that we are here to learn from each other, encourage each other, and to have fun in the meantime. Additionally, as a member you will have access to the 'members section' of website. The members section will have special content for LJC members only.

Basic Rules and Clan Info
- Most rules are based upon common sense. All members must participate in all officially scheduled activities and events. All members must be courteous to other players and other clan members. Each member has the right to request a challenge with any other member incase of a dispute or disagreement. While a member of [LJC], one can not be part of any other JK based clan. Breaking this rule will result in immediate termination from [LJC]. This clan does not profit financially or any other business related way from its members or activities, and no member can use any part of [LJC] or its website's content to profit financially for themselves or anybody else. We are here to have fun not make money. All content and of [LJC] is sponsored by the clan leaders but its members are welcome to make contributions of their choice to make the clan better for themselves and others. Any material or financial contributions are non-refundable (contributions are not necessary and are give on your free will.) The Clan leaders hold the power to terminate any membership if they believe that one of the rules above has been broken. Also this right is given if the leaders believe that a member's intentions is to hurt the clan, incorrectly represents the clan, disrespects the clan or its members, or becomes an inactive player for a certain period of time without notifying the clan leaders of one's absence.

Web Space
- Every member will be given 200MBs of web space on the [LJC] domain for personal use. This can be used as you please but no porn, any offensive material, or any other illegal content is not allowed. The 200 MBs of space are based on an "honor system." This means that there is no physical limitation on your personal space; instead the member is responsible to make sure his/her web space does not leak over 200MBs. If you do require more space than 20MBs for your personal web site, please notify with your reason and that privilege might be granted, primarily depending on your reason for its use.
- If the rules above are carelessly broken, the member's web space privileges will be taken away or might result in immediate termination from [LJC], depending on the severity of the issue.

Email Address
- The personal email address provided by [LJC] can be used for any purpose one wants as long as its intentions are not for spamming others. If this simple rule is broken, the email account will be deleted.

- As mentioned already earlier, while being part of [LJC] all members have the responsibility to take part in our decision making. The way it works is every official member of [LJC] gets an equal voting right that can be used at any time. If there is something that you, as the member, would like to change or possibly add to the clan, you can submit a 'vote request' on our forum with a clearly explained opinion and reason for your request. That 'vote request' will be then voted upon all members. Simply, majority of the votes win. Incase there is a tie, you will be given a opportunity to fight one of the opposing members for his or her vote. Two out of three fights wins the vote. Remember that this is only valid if there is a tie.
- Voting is not allowed on new member acquisition. This means that you will be able to recommend somebody for membership in [LJC] but not grant that individual full membership. Granting full membership is done by the Clan Leaders and the 1st Officer.
- Voting is allowed to kick another member from the Clan, but only if that member is an official member.
- Voting is allowed to change certain member Rules and benefits, but the final word is still give to the Clan Leaders to make sure the intentions are valid and will benefit the Clan.

These rules ware written by the Linux Jedi Clan founders and can be modified by the rightful authors. For any questions, comments, and concerns, feel free to email