- Before becoming and member each individual will be put on a 14 day probationary period. What does that mean? This means that the trainee will be a 'pending' member that is being further evaluated before receiving full membership status. This is a normal procedure that is required for all new members. During this time there are some key features that the [LJC] staff will look for. The first one is one's attitude, it is important to posses a solid attitude that will allow the member to improve in their skills and abilities in JK. Also learn not to get discouraged when he/she loses or can't match the skills of others. It is important never to give up even if you're loosing… be durable and always finish each fight, remember that intentional suicides are completely disrespectful to the Clan. Also keep in mind that the key to mastering the lightsaber is time and patience. The second key is one's motivation and initiative. It is vital to posses a driving force that will encourage you as the member to practice and play JK as much as possible, this way again, your skills can improve and in the end will allow you to become better. The third and most important key is one's commitment to the clan. Being part of [LJC] is more then just being part of a Clan, you become part of a community that is growing bigger and stronger everyday. This means that you become a Linux Gamer… respected and appreciated by any Linux user. One has to respect the clan and not abuse the Clan in any way. This is explaind more in the "basic rules" section. Additionally, at [LJC] everyone is treated equally, this means that your opinion counts and therefore you will have an influence on how [LJC] will expand in the future.

- During this period each potential member will wear the [LJC] logo in front of your name and display it proudly. Although you will not be a full member yet, be aware that on the battlefield you will be respected and treated like every other [LJC] member, never less or any other way.

Once the probationary period is over the potential member will be given one of these decisions:
-Accepted as a Member.
-Given an extension of probation. (more time for further evaluation, this happens if during the first 14 days the [LJC] staff does not receive enough playtime to properly evaluate the person)
-Refusal of Membership (membership is refused if none of the items listed above match the persona)